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Jul 1, 2012 6:30pm EDT
that in baltimore city. and in an run dell 54 54,000 people remain in the dark. >>> now to bernadette woods. a lot going on. >> first we're going to start out with friday night's storms, this is still the big story of why we had these power outages. we had this line of thunderstorms come through. that whole line taking everybody down with it. we saw wind gusts over 70 miles per hour. we were talking about yesterday. that's equivalent to hurricane force wind gusts. you see it made its way to the eastern shore and eventually out to sea. behind it, a look at doppler radar and show you that what we have going on. here's a look at that storm. off to the northwest this is really building into a big complex and it's going to continue tracking to the east- northeast. this is still hours away. we could see these storms moving our direction. and so far they have had the history of being severe. now with all the power outages the other major issue is the heat. temperatures for the fifth day in a row in the 90s and they are up there in the 90s. during the day the dewpoints come down a little bit but it's sti
Jul 7, 2012 6:00pm EDT
new heat-related outages. in baltimore county there is more than 2,000 in the dark. baltimore city almost 800. and howard county there is still more than 600 customers still in the dark this evening. this heat wave is not only griping maryland. drew levinsohn reports that much of the country is baking during this summer sizzle. >> reporter: people from the midwest to the east coast sweated through another blistering day. >> hot. really hot. >> i'm completely drenched. >> reporter: temperatures soared above 100 degrees in several cities, including philadelphia, washington and st. louis. utility companies are stressed. >> the heat always gives us a challenge. we expect scattered outedges. >> reporter: the national weather service issued heat warnings for half the country. this heat wave has health officials very concerned. the new york health department has urged its residents to avoid staying outside too long and asked them to look in on their neighbors. especially the elderly. in chicago authorities say a 64-year-old woman apparently dropped dead from heat exhaustion inside her apa
Jul 14, 2012 6:00pm EDT
-involved shooting in northwest baltimore. wjz is live at city police headquarters downtown. monique griego has the latest on what happened. monique? >> reporter: and police say it started with a foot chase. but then the suspect reached into his pocket for a weapon. >> reporter: just before 6:00 this morning, police units swarmed this neighborhood in the 5100 block of arbutus avenue. after a 22-year-old man is shot and killed by a baltimore city police officer. investigators say the incident actually started a few blocks away, at this 7 eleven on belvedere avenue in reisterstown road. after someone called police and reported a man with a gun. >> saw someone matching the description. and it was a foot chase. >> reporter: one neighbor told us she ran into the house, after seeing the suspect flee from police. >> i saw this guy run from the alley, up to this street. then i saw the police car coming. >> reporter: when police finally caught up with the suspect, they say he reached into his pocket for what was later determined to be a semi automatic weapon. >>> at this point, the officer fired his wea
Jul 29, 2012 6:30pm EDT
baltimore will use its portion. >> reporter: keith morris loves to ride in the city but says it can be dangerous. >> right now we have to ride in the middle of the street in order to be noticed because there aren't that many bike lanes. >> reporter: but governor o'malley plans to add biking lanes. >> i think the largest problem is just with all of the people along the harbor and bike out. so there's not a separate area for bikers and walkers. >> reporter: the money will also go toward bike lanes on several city streets and improving the bike share program. >> it protects the environment. it saves us money. it is good for our health and it helps us reconnect with our communities. >> reporter: lauren says there's safety in numbers and more people would bike if it wasn't so risky. >> right now i think we surprise people when we get honked it because they want us to get on the sidewalk while it's illegal to be on the sidewalks. >> reporter: before any construction stops the city will be taking resident feed back in september. at the inner harbor, andrea fujii. >> safety a big concern th
Jul 15, 2012 6:30pm EDT
a a couple of severe thunderstorms warnings. we will show you immediately in baltimore right now we do have a thunderstorms making its way across the city in southern parts of the county. that's the one you're seeing right now making its way through townsen. out west there's more thunderstorms and all of those are moving off to the east so they're scattered about. at this point all of the criteria putting down a lot of rain and much needed rain. temperature wise we're up there. 93degrees right now in baltimore. temperatures are all over the place because of the thunderstorms coming through. but we did manage a high of 95 degrees above average and we're going to stay way above average for the next few days around here. look at this heat out there and that's what's moving in our direction. so today mid-90s, tomorrow once again mid-90s and upper 90s for the middle of the week. tomorrow another storm is going to pop up after this one dies down. a little low on tuesday. still a chance for a shower, thunderstorms. and wednesday increasing those rain chances once again. some thunderstorms will s
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5